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Little Treats

Under $5 | Under $10

Inexpensive gifts for children - treasures that will last.  Great as stocking fillers, a little gift or for spending that hard earned pocket money.

Treats under $5

Hohepa Christmas candles
Hohepa Xmas Candle
$2 each

Wilderness Gemstones
Wilderness Gem Stones
$1.50 each or 5 for $5

Candle holders
Candle Holders
$5 each


Coloured Whistles
Wooden Flute
$5 each


Woodpecker 2 hole pencil holders
Pencil Holders
$5 each



Little Treats Under $10

rubber band powered boat
New! Rubberband Powered
Wooden Boat


Wooden Balloon Boat
Toy Smith
Wooden Balloon Boat


Puddle jumpers
Puddle Jumpers


Train whistle
Train Whistle

wooden slide whistle
Wooden Slide Whistle
natural wood maraca
Natural Wood Maraca
$10 each

Maraca - wooden
Mini Rattle or Maracas

$10 each


Spinning Tops
Spinning Tops

Horseshoe Magnet
Horse Shoe Magnet

Magnet set
Magnetic Discovery Set

String Game
String Game

Clay Bird Water Whistles
Clay Bird Water Whistles
$6.50 each

Goki yo-yo
GOKI Wooden Yo-Yos
$10 each

Goki Kalideoscope
GOKI Kaleidoscope
$8 each

Wooden Toy sheep
Wooden Toy Trees

approx 10 to 18 cm high
$10 each

Woodpecker Wooden Swords and Daggers - Made in NZ
Wooden Swords and Daggers
Assorted designs



$6.50 each

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Wind up Train
PIN Wind up Train
$9.65 each
Learning to Lace bugs
Lacing Bug
$6.50 each
Pop-Pop Steam Boat
Pop-Pop Steam Boats
$10 each
Wooden Wriggly Worms
Wooden Wriggly Worms
$7 each

GOKI windmill
GOKI Wooden Windmill


Butterfly Castanets
$6 each

Woodpecker - rainbow streamers - Made in NZ
Ribbon Streamers

Approx 1m of rainbow ribbon.

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