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Toys for children's role play

Playing house or being the ‘grown up’ is a universal imaginative game for children. Whether cooking, cleaning,  ironing, mending the car or fighting the dragon, children thrive on imitating the care they see their parents give in caring for others.

At Home  

Woodpecker Wooden StoveWoodpecker Stove
$425 more info
Pot Sets sold separately
From $50

cooking utensil set
ALEX Cooking Utensil Set


HAPE Kitchen Starter
HAPE Kitchen Starter Set


NZ handmade wooden pots and pans
Wooden Pots and Pans

$20 per pot or $50 set of 3
dolls picnic set
ALEX 19 Piece
Porcelain Tea Set

tea set
ALEX 16 Piece
Tin Tea Set


Woodpecker Wooden Dolls Cot
Woodpecker Wooden
Dolls Cot

40cm long

Wooden Push Trolley
Small Push Trolley

With Blocks $85
Without Blocks $75


Gardening Toys

TWIG kids gardening gloves
TWIGZ Gardening Gloves

 kids metal buckets
TWIGZ Kids Buckets
$12.50 each

TWIGS Long handled gardening tools for kids
TWIGS Long Handled
Kids Gardening tools

$15.95 each

 kids short handled garden tools
TWIGS Short Handled
Kids Gardening tools


TWIGS butterfly net
TWIGS Kids Butterfly net
$18 each

TWIGS kids watering cans
TWIGS Kids Watering Can
$27 each

TWIGS Plant Labels

TWIGZ Kids Plant Labels


Dress Up

Woodpecker Wooden Swords and Daggers - Made in NZ
Wooden Swords and Daggers
Assorted designs

Woodpecker - rainbow streamers - Made in NZ
Ribbon Streamers

Approx 1m of ribbon.

Woodpecker shield

Paint your own Shield

39cm diameter $19

Woodpecker paint your own sheild

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Woodpecker Stovetop wooden kitchen for childre - Made in NZ

Woodpecker Wooden Child's Cooktop

Cooktop Dimensions: Approx 38 x 22cm

$80 - without pots

$95 - with 1 pot and 1 utensil

$110 - with 2 pots and 2 utensils

Hours of role playing with this recycled NZ wood cooktop.


Wooden pots and pans

Woodpecker Child's Wooden Pots and Pans

$20 for 1 pot and 1 utensil

$50 - set of 3 pots and 3 wooden utensils

Hours of role playing fun!


Woodpecker Wooden Stove

Woodpecker Child's Wooden Stove

Stove Dimensions: Approx 35 x 45 x 60cm

$425 - without pots

$450 - with a set of 3 pots and wooden utensils

$50 - set of 3 pots and wooden utensils

Hours of role playing with this recycled NZ wooden child's stove.




Carpentry Set for Children

Carpentry Set for Children

32 x 25 x 8cm


Best suited to children from 8 years of age as some of the tools have functional sharp points and cutting edges.

Includes real tools: hammer, saw, ruler, spirit level, set square, sandpaper block, hand screw, pliers, screwdrivers and accessories.


Wooden Iron by Woodpecker Creations
Wooden Toy Iron and Ironing Board


Woodpecker Creations

Wooden Iron and Ironing Board

Iron $20
Ironing Board $80

Set of Ironing Board and Iron $95

Board: 48cm high x 54cm long

Made especially for little hands and little people. Available as a set or individually.


Wooden Push Trolley


Wooden Blocks Push Trolley

40 x 40cm wide

With Blocks $85
Without Blocks $75

Suitable for toddlers. These multi-purpose trolley's are a must for every home. Great as toy boxes or as go-carts! They are fully balanced to allow toddlers learning to walk to use them safety and easily.


Woodpecker wooden pram - Made in NZ

Wooden Dolls Pram

51cm long x 27cm wide

Solid Wood $192.50

Very robust for that special doll. An heirloom item that’s guaranteed to last.


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