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Wooden Block Puzzles

The creative puzzle, encourages the feeling in children and adults for shapes and colours. Offering excitement and bringing harmony with order.  Making something new from something complete. In this way, ones own creative inhibitions are freed enabling natural free play.

Wooden Block Puzzles

By Grimms - it is more then just a puzzle. 

For many children it is not so important the puzzle would be rebuilt in the right way.  It is more to discover what could also be rebuilt or created with the wooden pieces.  Being 4cm thick, these puzzles lend themselves to extensive block play and hours of fun.  The possibilities are only limited by the imagination.


Woodpecker Lighthouse puzzle
Woodpecker Tree puzzle
25cm high $45
Woodpecker Lighthouse puzzle
Woodpecker Lighthouse puzzle
40cm high $45
butterfly wooden puzzle
Large $145
wooden snail puzzle
car wooden puzzle
boat wooden puzzle
corner wooden puzzle
Square Geometric Puzzle
octo mini wooden puzzle
Small Octagon
octo multi wooden puzzle
Large Octagon

Grimm's large circle goethe
GRIMMS Large Circle Goethe
28 x 2cm thick $120

flower stack wooden puzzle
DECO Stacking
Flower Tower


wooden stacking puzzle

Grimms magnetic indian puzzle
Square Indian

Grimms Large rainbow semicircles
Large rainbow semicircles

Earthchild Landscape Puzzle
Grimms Landscape

cube wooden puzzle
Mosaic Square
Small $99
Large $199

Earthchild Landscape Puzzle
Grimms 4 elements

Small $126
Large $199

Grimms large square Indian wooden puzzle
GRIMMS Large Square Indian
28 x 2cm thick $119

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coloured and natural houses
GRIMMS Coloured Houses

Natural Wooden Houses

small and large fires
GRIMMS Small Fire
Large Fire

small and large waves
GRIMMS Small Waves
Large Waves

NB: Boat not included

small and large caves
GRIMMS Small Caves

Large Caves



small and medium rainbows
GRIMMS Small Rainbow
Medium Rainbow

large rainbow
GRIMMS Large Rainbow Tunnel

Grimm's pastel rainbow tunnel

GRIMMS Pastel Rainbow Tunnel
38 x 18cm high $145
Grimm's Large Conical Tower
GRIMMS Large Conical Tower
21cm high $75

large and small tunnels

GRIMMS Med Tunnel

GRIMMS Large Tunnel

Grimms momochrome large tunnel

GRIMMS Monochrome LargeTunnel


Grimms Monochrome nesting bowls
GRIMMS Monochrome Nesting bowls



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