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New toys

We've been searching for new toys... here they are!

Train whistle
Train Whistle
natural wood maraca
Natural Wood Maraca
$10 each

wooden tambourine
Wooden Tambourine

Recorder, case & cleaner

Recorder, case & cleaner

One legged stool
Theraputic One-legged stool
Help with balance and concentration - reduce figeting

Djeco Paints New! Djeco Gauche Paints
Set of 12 bottles

Djeco Gauche Pastel Paints
Djeco Gauche Pastel Paints

Set of 12 bottles

Djeco 12 cakes of paint
New! Djeco Cakes of Paint
Set of 12 cakes

Djeco 36 cakes of paint
New! Djeco Cakes of Paint
Set of 36 cakes



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Grimm's pastel rainbow tunnel

GRIMMS Pastel Rainbow Tunnel
38 x 18cm high $128


Grimm's large circle goethe
GRIMMS Large Circle Goethe
28 x 2cm thick $120

Grimm's Large Conical Tower
GRIMMS Large Conical Tower
21cm high $59.95


Paper mobile
New! Paper Stars mobile
$16 each

New! Paper Fish mobile
$16 each

rubber band powered boat
Rubberband Powered
Wooden Boat


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