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Wooden Musical Instruments in NZ

Epiphany Toys NZ have sourced some of the most beautifully made musical instruments from around the world. Good music nourishes the soul. We only choose instruments for children that truly sound musical - that soothe, delight and create mood. Music teaches us about time, space, order and sequence, as well as helping us to experience our feelings and thoughts in deeper ways.

Wooden rhythm sticks
Wooden Bell Rattle
18 cm long
$9 each

wooden flute
Natural Wooden

$12 each

cuckoo whistle
Natural Wooden
Egg Maraca
$9 each

wooden ribbed sound tube
Wooden Ribbed Sound Tube
18cm long
$14 each

Wooden rhythm sticks
Wooden Rhythm Sticks
20cm long
$10 each

wooden tambourine
Wooden Tambourine
16cm diameter
$15 each

cuckoo whistle
Cuckoo Whistle
$11 each

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$8 each

wooden flute
Wooden Flute
$5 each

butterfly castanets
Butterfly Castanets
$6 each


$7.50 each

wooden slide whistle
Wooden Slide Whistle
$7 each

Clay Bird Water Whistles
Clay Bird Water Whistle
$6.50 each

Train whistle
Train Whistle
$8 each

Maraca - wooden
Mini Rattle or Maracas

$10 each

Recorder, case & cleaner

Recorder, case & cleaner

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