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A special selection of Nativity Scenes sourced from NZ and around the world. There are birthday and advent rings to follow the child from their first birthday or Christmas through their life. Family traditions making family memories.



Made in in New Zealand from recycled native wood.


9 piece Nativity Scene

Mary, Joseph and Jesus in Crib

Sitting donkey, sheep and lamb.

Stable and Star.

Stable: 36 x 23 x 12cm


All packs away into the stable where the front floor doubles as a lid to keep the dust off for another year.


Nativity Set $195

Woodpecker NZ wooden nativity set


Holztiger Nativity: Made with native German maple and beech, these figures are painted and varnished with water water-based product. Free from harmful or toxic solvents. Hand painted.

Mary - Holztiger

Joseph - Holztiger

Jesus - Holztiger

angel - Holziger

Wise man - Holztiger
Wise man 1

Wise man - Holztiger
Wise man 2

Wise man - Holztiger
Wise man 3

shepherd - Holziger


GRIMMS Nativity: Handcrafted with love and care. They are made of cotton and natural fabric and are filled with 100% pure wool. The unique hairstyle and hand painted face give each doll character.

Mary, Joseph and Jesus by Grimm
Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus Mary & Joseph $41 each
Baby Jesus $32

3 wise men - GrimmWise Men
$41 each

shepherds - Grimm
$41 each


Grimms Angel



Celebrate the Seasons

Seasonal festival stand

Seasonal Festival Stand

Height 60cm


Made from alder wood.

There are 3 adjustable levels. The 7 holes in the lower area are for candles. Also a card holder slot in base. The figures, vases and picture holders below fit into the holes.

A beautiful way to celebrate the changing seasons.

card holder
Picture holders

Wooden peg with slot for holding card in festival rings.
$1.25 each

small vases


$18.95 each

Grimms figures

Small Figures
see more

$9 each

Beeswax Candles

Candle holders (12mm)
Aluminium $3.25
Brass $2.75


Birthday and Advent Rings

Birthday Ring
12 Hole Birthday ring
see more


Birthday Ring
12 Hole Birthday ring


Birthday or Advent Spiral
24 hole Advent spiral


Grimms Fancy Numbers
Fancy Numbers
see more

$26.50 each

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GRIMMS Birthday ring - white
12 Hole Birthday Ring

Diameter 23cm


4 sectioned ring with 12 holes for figures, candles etc.
1 item is added each day leading up to the special day, then the candles are lit.

Available in natural, white, rainbow, blue/green, pink/red.



24 Hole Advent Spiral

Diameter 40cm


Here a candle or figure can be added each day. Or a candle moved from hole to hole.

Available in natural, white, blue/green, red/purple or rainbow tones.


fancy numbers by Grimm

fancy numbers by Grimmfancy numbers by Grimm

Fancy numbers

$26.50 each

Whimsical fairy tale number figures for a special keepsake or birthday gift.

Size varies due to design

0 to 4 basic numbersplain numbers by Grimm

Basic numbers

$9 each

0-9 wooden birthday ring figures, available in rainbow assortment


Seasonal Figures

from $9 each
A perfect way to celebrate the changing seasons. A myriad of figures available, please contact us with your specific theme requests. Size varies due to design.

figures by Grimmfigures by Grimm

figures by Grimmfigures by Grimm

figures by Grimm

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