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Wooden Blocks in NZ

Epiphany Toys are NZ's specialist suppliers of wooden blocks in all colours shapes and sizes. Building blocks are an important guide through childhood and one of the most basic staples of the toy basket. Small children from 1 year on build towers and knock them down, they fill and empty pots. . . From 3 years on imaginative play begins. They use them as cars, hammers, clothes irons and animals.  Their use is only limited by the imagination.

Woodpecker NZ made wooden blocks
20 Block Set


large and small tunnels

GRIMMS Large Tunnel

coloured and natural houses
GRIMMS Coloured Houses

Natural Wooden Houses


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small and large waves
GRIMMS Small Waves
Large Waves

small and large fires
GRIMMS Small Fire
Large Fire

small and large caves
GRIMMS Small Caves

Large Caves

small and medium rainbows
GRIMMS Small Rainbow
Medium Rainbow

large rainbow
GRIMMS Large Rainbow

circle blocks

ZORAS Circle Blocks
$49.95 Limited Stock

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