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Large Wooden Toys in NZ

Sturdy, robust wooden toys for hours of physical play, be it rocking, riding or hut building.  Our selection of large wooden toys will outlast your child’s limitless supply of energy and provide hours of fun and memories for generations to come.

Wooden Play Plank
Wooden Play Plank
23cm wide x 1.5m long
One legged stool
Theraputic One-legged stool
Help with balance and concentration - reduce figeting
$65 (40cm high)

Wooden Milking Stool
Round Milking Stool

27cm wide x 30cm high

Triple Room dividers
room dividers

Room Dividers

Triple 1.5m x 0.9m
  • dyed muslin curtains $145
Double 1m x 0.9m
  • dyed muslin curtains $110

The ideal house, tent or shop building tool. With the use of two dividers, a cloth for the roof and chairs, these can be turned into a house, boat or bus. A must have for every child's playroom.

Hand dyed muslin curtains available in turquoise, lavender and white.


Wooden Rocker Boards


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Wooden Earth Rock-it Boards

Super Earth 118 x 28cm $269

Middle Earth 107 x 28cm $209

  • Suitable all ages. Multi-purpose balance / exercise and creative play board. Stable when inverted on flat ends - i.e. when "earthed"
Junior Earth 93 x 28cm $189
  • Shorter, lighter, multiple-purpose balance and play board, suitable for younger children up to 7 years.

This innovative yet remarkably simple concept for indoor activity and movement enables almost anyone, of any age, to partake in stimulating, low-impact, enjoyable exercise.

For children the possibilities for creative open-ended play are infinite.


Woodpecker Creations Wooden Play Cube

Woodpecker Creations Wooden Play Cube

65cm high x 60 x 60cm $375
  • Great for kids to play on in and around.

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