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baby and Toddler

Wooden Baby and Toddler Toys in NZ

A baby, so new to this world, should experience sights, sounds, tastes, smells and textures that nourish the developing senses. This is why we have gathered a beautiful range of natural fiber and wooden baby toys. 

Grimms bead grasper
GRIMMS Bead Grasper

Woodpecker Wooden Baby Toy stacking tower
Woodpecker Stacking Tower
Approx 9 x 18cm $39

Wooden Wriggly Worms
Wooden Wriggly Worms
$9 each

twisted rattle
PIN Toys Twisted Rattle


Grimms fish rattle
GRIMMS Fish Rattles

Large $34 each

Woodpecker Wooden Baby Rolling rattle
Woodpecker Rolling Rattle
14 x 12cm $45

Maraca - wooden
Mini Rattle or Maracas

$10 each

rolling rattles
PIN Toys Rolling Rattle
$12.50 each


nesting bowls
GRIMMS Nesting Bowls
$58 each

nesting bowls
Small Stacking Boxes

square nesting boxes

Large Stacking Boxes

baby blocks

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Key Ring
$12.50 each

Grimms Monochrome nesting bowls
GRIMMS Monochrome Nesting bowls


Grimms momochrome large tunnel

GRIMMS Monochrome LargeTunnel

baby roller


Butterfly castenets
PIN Toys Butterfly Castanets
$6 each

Woodpecker NZ made wooden blocks
20 Wooden Blocks Set


rolling rattle

Baby Roller
$65 each

Goki Dancing Boy
GOKI Dancing Boy
$43 each
Goki Dancing Girl
GOKI Dancing Girl
$43 each


Note the items you want and place your order here

Note the toys you want and place your order here


Grimms rainbow friends
Rainbow friends

Grimms rainbow friends
Rainbow sorting balls
Wooden Peg Doll Bus
Wooden Peg Doll Bus

$45 set

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