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Wooden Baby and Toddler Toys in NZ

A baby, so new to this world, should experience sights, sounds, tastes, smells and textures that nourish the developing senses. This is why we have gathered a beautiful range of natural fiber and wooden baby toys. 

Grimms bead grasper
GRIMMS Bead Grasper

Woodpecker Wooden Baby Toy stacking tower
Woodpecker Stacking Tower
Approx 9 x 18cm $39

Wooden Wriggly Worms
Wooden Wriggly Worms
$8 each

twisted rattle
PIN Toys Twisted Rattle


Grimms fish rattle
GRIMMS Fish Rattles

Large $34 each

Maraca - wooden
Mini Rattle or Maracas

$10 each

rolling rattles
PIN Toys Rolling Rattle
$12.50 each


nesting bowls
GRIMMS Nesting Bowls
$49.95 each

nesting bowls
Small Stacking Boxes

square nesting boxes

Large Stacking Boxes

baby blocks


Mini Chimpalong Xylophone

Key Ring
$12.50 each

Grimms Monochrome nesting bowls
GRIMMS Monochrome Nesting bowls


Grimms momochrome large tunnel

GRIMMS Monochrome LargeTunnel

baby roller


Butterfly castenets
PIN Toys Butterfly Castanets
$6 each

Woodpecker NZ made wooden blocks
20 Wooden Blocks Set


rolling rattle

Baby Roller
$65 each

Goki Dancing Boy
GOKI Dancing Boy
$43 each
Goki Dancing Girl
GOKI Dancing Girl
$43 each


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